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What we offer

We’ve got our passenger’s backs

Utilising sophisticated explosive detection system equipment, we screen all checked passenger baggage at international airports and for some domestic flights for threat items. We ensure that prohibited items such as firearms, weapons, dangerous goods, explosives, or any other threat items are not carried onto aircraft.

A team with Mana

As an Aviation Security Officer, you’ll be part of a supportive, dedicated team that takes pride in what we do every day. We care for each person and plane that moves through airport security every day. It’s an awesome task and an awesome responsibility.

Match-fit training

While we perform the same tasks every day, no two days are ever the same. In this job we are always learning. Our comprehensive training will prepare you to take your place on our team, and we’ve got your back with continual learning to help you keep pace with a complex, constantly changing security environment.

Competitive employment conditions

Avsec offers attractive salaries (for full-time employees) and competitive hourly rates (for part-time employees), along with four weeks’ annual leave plus shift workers’ leave, overtime, free parking, a full uniform and insurance and wellness benefits.

Beat the Crowds

Shift work significantly reduces commuting times, provides unique opportunities for meeting family commitments, and allows you to beat the crowds, whether it’s at the gym, the bank or the supermarket. We’re there for every person and plane that moves through airport security, so your shift patterns will vary depending on location.

Career opportunities

Passenger numbers – both domestic and international – are on the rise. In fact, some of our international airports will see visitor numbers double in the next 10 to 15 years. At the same time, the changing security environment and advances in technology mean we’re using new security measures, systems and tools. The result? Plenty of opportunities to grow your skills and your career.